Tag1 Quo is a dashboard and email-based security suite - Tag1 Quo monitors your websites for security updates and provides you notifications, patches, and upstream releases. We also include deployment support with our Enterprise plans. Think of us as your always on, always up-to-date nexus of security information.

No problem! Whether you're a developer or have a consultant maintaining your site, Tag1 Quo will keep your site's code secure. Tag1 Quo is a tool to make monitoring, securing, and supporting Drupal sites easy and cost-effective. Why waste time on writing Drupal 6 patches yourself when we can do it for you?

In short, you will spend less time checking your site statuses and your sites will be as secure as possible - all the time.

It makes the task of monitoring your site’s security simple and easy. Rather than having to check every site for security updates Tag1 Quo shows you the status of each site in the Tag1 Quo dashboard. Moreover, you can set your Tag1 Quo dashboard to email you when you site needs updates.

If you are a Drupal 6 site maintainer or owner, Tag1 Quo LTS will help keep your site secure - Tag1 Quo provides patches and coverage across all of your contributed modules and themes.

Drupal 6 EOL means Drupal 6 has reached its end of life and will no longer be supported by the general Drupal community. This means that security and feature updates for Drupal 6 sites need to be provided by a team that specializes in Drupal 6 End of Life support.

Even though Drupal has reached end-of-life, a limited number of Drupal 6 LTS companies are providing support. Tag1 is one of them.

The official Drupal.org page says it best:

“Drupal core version 6 has reached end of life, and is no longer a community supported release on Drupal.org. This means that new releases of Drupal core and contributed projects are no longer able to distribute releases and the associated update information through Drupal.org.”

February 24th, 2016 - all sites that want to continue to run Drupal 6 either need to upgrade to Drupal 7/8 or find a Drupal 6 LTS support partner.

Drupal 6 LTS is Drupal 6 Long Term Support, meant to designate the organizations and official support channels for Drupal 6 support now that Drupal 6 is EOL. Read more about the Drupal 6 Long Term Support project

For Drupal 6:

As security advisories for Drupal 7 and 8 are prepared for public notification, we collaborate with the Drupal security team to review and test your Drupal 6 modules for the vulnerability. Upon public notification, Tag1 Quo delivers you a backported security patch and release for Drupal 6, prepared and tested by our team of Drupal security experts.

For Drupal 7 and 8:

Since Drupal 7 and 8 are still supported by the Drupal community, once there is a bulletin or update for the modules on your site, Tag1 Quo will notify you of the update and link you to the appropriate update to download and deploy. When managing multiple Drupal sites, the Tag1 Quo dashboard provides filterable, at-a-glance update status across versions in a central user interface.

Yes. There are no hosting requirements for Tag1 Quo. For maximum flexibility, it is designed to work with any hosting configuration and development workflow. Just install the Tag1 Quo module on your site and you'll receive security patches delivered to your inbox.

The service requires that cron is configured on your website and that OpenSSL support for PHP is properly installed.

You should consider two options depending on your site implementation:

  1. Find a Drupal 6 LTS (Long Term Support) partner who will provide you with Drupal 6 security updates ported from Drupal 7 and Drupal 8. (Tag1 Quo is perfect for this since the product is backed by one of the sanctioned Drupal 6 LTS providers, Tag1.)
  2. Upgrade and migrate to Drupal 7 or Drupal 8. Tag1 Consulting provides migration services, too.

After installing the Tag1 Quo module on your Drupal 6 website, Tag1 Quo automatically monitors upstream releases and security advisories, delivering patches to your inbox. The Tag1 Quo dashboard provides at-a-glance visualization and filtering of all your modules and themes, highlighting outstanding updates across all of your sites.

Contact us for details for both standard and enterprise licensing.

Yes. Tag1 Quo is provided on a month-to-month basis and can be canceled at any time. If you wish to reduce your number of site licenses, visit your account page > "billing" and click "change" to reduce your number of sites.

If you want to close your account altogether, just contact us and we'll take care of the rest.

Absolutely, contact us for a trial code!

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