Logging In to Tag1 Quo

If you’ve signed up for the service and did not receive an email, you can request that a temporary password be sent to you. If you don’t know your account username or email address, contact us for assistance.


Site Is Configured but is Not Appearing on Dashboard

If your site is not appearing on your dashboard, check that you’ve entered your token correctly on your Drupal 6 site and saved it.

Visit ‘Tag1 Quo Drupal 6 integration' at admin/settings/tag1quo on your Drupal 6 site and enter your token. Then click 'Save configuration'.

If your token is entered properly, saved, and you receive the following error

"Failed to validate token with server. Full details of the transaction are in the system log."

there are two potential causes to rule out.

1. Do you have a firewall preventing you from making outgoing connection attempts from that server?

Please check with your network administrator to rule out any firewall or DNS issues. For Tag1 Quo to work properly, you'll need to allow this request to go out.

2. Are you running an outdated version of OpenSSL? We strictly disallow SSL handshakes with older known-insecure ciphers, and that can cause these sorts of failures.


You can test whether or not this is your problem by running the following command from the web server:


curl -I


If you get an "Unknown SSL protocol error" you are running an insecure version of SSL. If you're unable to upgrade SSL on your server, we provide a legacy endpoint allowing you to use our service. To enable, you'll have to add the following line to the appropriate Drupal settings.php configuration file:


$conf['tag1quo_url'] = '';

The service will then operate normally for you.


Testing Tag1 Quo on a Non-Production Site

In most cases, you’ll want to run Tag1 Quo on your production website. Installing it and running it on your live site will allow you to capture update history within Tag1 Quo, which is useful data.

However, if your workflow requires running Tag1 Quo on a non-production instance of your site and you do not have any available site subscriptions, you can work around this limitation by placing this code in your settings.php file:

$conf['tag1quo_token'] = 'mytoken';

#$conf['tag1quo_url'] = '';

$conf['tag1quo_siteid'] = 'mysiteid';

Replace ‘mytoken’ with your site token and 'mysiteid' with your site id found at admin/settings/tag1quo on your Drupal 6 site.


Site is No Longer Updating or Reporting to Tag1 Quo

If a site on your dashboard is indicating that it has not sent an update in the last 24 hours:

  1. Check that your token is entered correctly on your site at /admin/settings/tag1quo. Verify that “Report enabled module information to Tag1 Consulting, Inc” is checked. Click “Save configuration”
  2. Go to admin/settings/tag1quo/status. If cron is not running on your site, you will see “A heartbeat will be sent to Tag1 the next time cron runs”. (See for help on setting up a Drupal cron job).
  3. Click on “Send manually” at admin/settings/tag1quo/status. If the page updates with “Module status reported to Tag1 Consulting.”, your site is properly configured for reporting to Tag1 Quo. If you get an error message, make note of that error, and gather some additional information for troubleshooting.


Contacting Tag1 for Assistance

When requesting assistance with an issue, our support team will ask for additional information, including error and debugging logs.

Error logging:

  • Go to admin/reports/dblog and expand “Filter log messages”.

  • Select “Tag1 Quo” from the “Type” column.

  • Provide these logs to Tag1 Quo’s support team, if requested.

Debug logging:

  • Go to /admin/settings/tag1quo, expand “Advanced”, and enable “Debug logging”.

  • Click on “Send manually”.

  • Go to admin/settings/tag1quo/review, scroll to the bottom and expand “Raw data”.

  • Triple-click into the expanded "Raw data" field to copy that data and provide this to Tag1 Quo’s support team.

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