3 Free Months of Drupal 6 Long Term Support*

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  • It's as easy as downloading a module.
  • 7,000 D6 Modules • 12,572 D7 Modules • 2,538 D8 Modules
  • Install Quo on any infrastructure at no additional cost.
Migrating To Drupal 8?
We love Drupal 8, we helped create it! Let us help create your success, too.

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Feature Tag1Quo LTS
Drupal 6 LTS
Drupal 7/8
Backport Security Updates
Retrofit new security releases to Drupal 6
Security Update Monitoring
Install Anywhere
No custom Drupal hosting required
Central Security Dashboard
for all your Drupal Sites
Easy to Implement
(5-minute setup)
Deploy at Any Scale
Check out Enterprise for 6+ sites
Month to Month
Pay as You Go
  • You spend most of your day in meetings, dealing with people, and building value where you work. Why should you monitor more than 7,000 Drupal 6 Modules?
  • If you are still running a Drupal 6 site and don’t have a team manually monitoring, writing, and applying patches, your site is vulnerable.
  • Drupal 6 reached end of life on February 24th, 2016, and that means no more feature updates, no quality-of-life updates, and no security updates from Drupal.org.
  • Tag1 is one of only three Drupal agencies approved by the Drupal Security Team to handle Drupal 6 Long-Term Support and one of the premier Drupal performance and security agencies in the world.
  • We created Tag1 Quo — a central dashboard for monitoring all of your Drupal sites. We notify you of insecure modules, and speed update turnaround time by linking you directly to the security update.
  • Rest easy knowing your site is secure. Future updates will be delivered directly to your inbox.
Agency Monitoring Pricing
Centralized dashboard to monitor all client sites on any host.

How it Works

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  • View Security Status
  • Download Security Patches