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Tag1 Quo is the easiest and most convenient solution for Drupal security. Get Tag1 Quo now for as low as $14.99/month.

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What is Tag1 Quo?

  • Installs in 5 minutes

    It's as easy as downloading a module

  • Always Monitoring

    D6 - 7,500+ Extensions
    D7 - 15,000+ Extensions
    D8 - 8,500+ Extensions

  • Install Anywhere

    Install Tag1 Quo on any infrastructure at no additional cost

Tag1 Quo is the brainchild of Tag1’s performance and security experts.

We realized site owners, organizations, and agencies needed a better way to keep their Drupal sites secure and up-to-date without ever needing to check Drupal.org for updates.

Save time and give yourself and your clients and stakeholders peace of mind with one dashboard for all of your sites.

Tag1's team does all the heavy lifting to keep your site secure so you can focus on what’s important: building what's next.

Our Happy Clients

  • We save you time.

    You already spend most of your day in meetings, dealing with stakeholders, and building business value. Why waste time monitoring thousands of Drupal extensions for vulnerabilities?

  • We protect your sites.

    Still running a Drupal 6 site? Your site is vulnerable if you don't have a team manually monitoring every module, writing new patches, and applying them to your site.

  • We extend your site's life.

    Drupal 6 reached end-of-life (EOL) in February 2016 and Drupal 7 will reach EOL in November 2021. This means no more feature updates, no quality-of-life updates, and no security updates from Drupal.org.

  • We know Drupal.

    Tag1 is one of only three Drupal consultancies approved by the Drupal Security Team to handle long-term support for Drupal 6 and one of the premier Drupal performance and security agencies in the world.

  • We keep our eye on things.

    We created Tag1 Quo as a central dashboard so you can monitor all of your Drupal sites. We notify you of insecure modules and accelerate update turnaround time by linking you directly to the security update.

  • We deliver updates to your inbox.

    Rest easy knowing your site is secure. We deliver future updates directly to your inbox.